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How do I disable the various vulnerable password, re-used password and weak password banners and other warnings for specific items without disabling the entire feature?

We can do this with the 2FA tag which is an "okay" implementation, although it would be nicer if I could hide the 2FA tag from the list just to remove clutter, but it isn't a big deal.

The problem is that when you pre-load the list with a bunch of useless items, the items that genuinely require attention are lost to the mess. I'd rather use the list as more of a todo list, when I have spare time go through the sites and either update the password, close the account, or tag it as unfixable.

The most obvious example is passwords I can't control which will trigger vulnerable, reused and weak passwords all over the place. I doubt I'm unique here.

  • Wi-fi passwords. Not my wi-fi so even if I can get into the configuration, it would be rude to change it.
  • Public wi-fi passwords printed on 700pt banners on the wall in every direction need to be easy to type.
  • My mom's iPhone PIN.
  • The office timecard system, which requires passwords be numeric 4-6 digits for compatibility with the hardware unit, but also has a web interface.
  • I have two insurance companies that assign me a password, guess how strong it is?
  • Anything that uses a numeric PIN followed by a hardware key is secure enough with anything stronger than 1234.
  • I have a list of every single password at Tangerine Bank (in Canada), as they only allow 6 numeric digits. Believe me, if I could use a secure password, I would.

Reused passwords. I have a lot of these.

The big one is systems that use centralized passwords but differing username formats (e.g. Active Directory). At $DAYJOB we have a combination of bsmith, [email protected], bob.smith, my-6-digit-phone-extension, my-full-10-digit-phone-number which is annoying in the best of times, but having a bunch of entries in 1Password is less annoying than manually editing the username every time.

  • One frequent-purchaser program requires the full card number on the web login page, but only the suffix for the app. Helpfully they have unique URIs so this works with 1Password nicely, it just triggers a false alarm.

An obvious solution to re-used passwords would be to suppress the warning for linked items, or even better have some syntax that tells 1Password to use the password of the linked item for this item too rather than storing the passwords individually.

For weak/vulnerable passwords a Weak tag would probably be a good fit, a tag makes sense here because you might want to periodically review these to see if any can be fixed as vendors fix their weak systems.

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  • Hi @TheDave,

    Great question! It sounds like you might be using 1Password 7 for Windows. In which case options are limited to the Watchtower settings as depicted below:

    We've made several improvements to Watchtower in 1Password 8. The Watchtower banner that appears on those types items will allow you to select Ignore which will hide those banners on a per item basis. If you'd to see what this look like, our Watchtower guide shows this under Find unsecured websites.

    These banners can be later restored by selecting Watchtower from the left sidebar, then, in the pane that appears to the right, click Show Ignored Alerts at the bottom to reveal the list of items where alerts were ignored.

    I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any other questions!

  • TheDave
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    I’m using a mix of 7 and 8. The delay of the Apple Watch in 8 held me back, I’m working on upgrading now.

    It works, thanks.

  • That's great, @TheDave - glad to hear this is working for you! 😀

    Do let us know if we can help further.

  • TheDave
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    I'd still like to see better handling of linked items rather than doing everything by hand... Links need to be done both ways, then ignore the duplicate warning, and still find and update all the passwords manually whenever I update my password. A lot of manual effort.

  • Hello again @TheDave,

    We appreciate your additional feedback here. We currently have an feature request with the team about the two way linking of items and I've cast a vote for you there. 👍

    Thanks for your idea about finding a better way to handle these re-used passwords banners and automatic password updates across all related items. It's recommended to use strong, unique, passwords were possible. Once those passwords are updated this will reduce the amount of entries in Watchtower and ultimately make things more manageable. I'll pass these thoughts along to the team. For the time being, continuing to handle this manually is your best bet here.

    Have a great day!

    ref: IDEA-I-425

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