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iPhone 7 uses Touch ID. On Saturday I move over to iPhone 14 which uses Face ID. I fired up 1Pasaword on my iPhone 14 and asking for my master password which I can’t remember.
I still have access to 1Password on my iPhone 7.
Is there
Anything I can do, once I have access to 1Password on my iphone7, to move or copy my existing data across to my new iphone14?
I’m not getting any response from the support team.
Thank you


  • Hey there @souwalker1

    If you can still unlock 1Password on your iPhone, have a look for an item called "1Password Account" – this will contain your account password, along with the other details you'll need to sign in to your 1Password account.

    Looking at your email to us, it seems we replied to you a couple of times, the most recent being about 21 hours ago, so have a look in your Spam or Junk folders to see if our reply has landed there instead. Let me know what you find. :)

    — Grey

  • souwalker1
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    I did not receive any emails including my junk account.
    I accessed 1Password on my old phone and there is nothing in the 1Password account. I need to create one and the problem is that I have no key nor do I remember my master password which is where my issue stems.
    I may have no option but to manually re-add all the data from old phone to new phone. Eg look at old phone the retype into new phone.

    To do that, so I need to delete the app from my new phone and install again from Apple Store? Do I have to pay again for 1Password 8 or can I reuse versikn7? What are my options?
    Thank you

  • Hi @souwalker1 - I have just replied to you again via email. I'm so sorry that you didn't receive our last reply. Hopefully you will get my new reply but I am posting it here also.

    It sounds like you currently don't have a 1Password membership account.

    As you are able to access 1Password on your old phone with Touch ID, we can help you create a new 1Password account, add this new account to 1Password on your old phone, and migrate your data to this new account from there.

    The first thing to do is to sign up for a new account -

    Please save a copy of your Emergency Kit and record your new account password on it, so that you always have access to your account. If you lose your Secret Key or account password, we cannot restore it for you or help you recover your account.

    Get to know your Emergency Kit

    Then you can add this new account to 1Password on your old iPhone -

    • Open and unlock 1Password on old iPhone.
    • Go to Settings > Accounts > Add Existing Account - sign into your account and you will be prompted to migrate your 1Password data and remove the Primary vault. Answer Yes to this.

    Once you have migrated your data on your old iPhone to a new account, you will be able to sign into your new account in 1Password on your new iPhone, and on any other device as well.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • souwalker1
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    Thanks Laura
    I have created a 1Password account:
    I have accessed 1Password app on my old phone and added my newly created account by scanning the bar code. Account is created on my old phone.
    On my old phone I was asked to merge my data and that is done.
    How do I transfer data from old to new phone?
    It’s asking me for subscription of $5.99? My 1Password 7 I think I paid once off and now o have to subscribe monthly? Looks like Keeper is cheaper😬
    I’d like to continue with 1Password but was not counting on a monthly subscription. Can’t I continue to use v7 on my new phone which is what on now after I did a quick transfer from old to new phone as the option from Apple

  • LauraR
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    @souwalker1 - I see that you also received my email reply, so I will continue helping you by email. Thanks!

    ref: YJB-66176-863

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