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Here's some feedback on services accounts I posted in the slack. Cross posting here because the channel's pretty quiet, and I want to make sure it gets seen.

  • I’m on 2.8.0-beta.04
  • according to release notes for 2.7.0-beta.03, ‘Updated By’ field when getting items now shows Service Account’s name instead of ID

    • This isn’t true for me. Still shows actual “last edited by” user
  • according to release notes for 2.7.1-beta.01, The --vault flag is now required when retrieving documents using Service Accounts

    • Also not true for me. I don’t have to specify --vault, and can still retrieve documents
  • Any word on whoami working with service accounts? It’s really useful for verifying if we’re authenticated without triggering an authentication prompt

Additional relevant details

❱ op --version
❱ sha256sum /usr/local/bin/op
f7c50abd461152eaf3a2b876adf0548b0b4334a16638d22d6aa26e42c46193f4  /usr/local/bin/op
❱ sw_vers
ProductName:    macOS
ProductVersion: 12.6
BuildVersion:   21G115


1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser:_ Not Provided


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