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Android 8 Google Play subscription question

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I have an ongoing subscription to 1password through the Google Play app store and recently made the upgrade to using the 1password 8 app.

Prior to this I was using 1 password 7 and I noticed in my Google Play store subscriptions that the 1password subscription is still labelled as "1Password 7 - password manager".

I was just wondering if that would cause any issues down the road with the subscription still being labeled as 1password 7.


  • Hey @aarxl180 ! As long as billing for your subscription is allowed to continue, your initial subscription for 1Password 7 should carry over and fund your 1Password account, and things should continue as they have been.

    If you're concerned, you're more than welcome to switch your subscription over to direct billing through our website. If you send an email to, a member of the team reach out to help you with this.

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