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Thinking about possible switching from bitwarden

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What features do you offer that bitwarden doesn’t


  • @Overstate8033

    I would suggest talking to my colleagues on the email side of things. You'll get a one on one conversation that you can reply to as needed. You can follow up asking more questions as they come to mind. Who knows they may just be able to find a promotion for you. If you decide to make the change of course.

    One thing I always suggest is to start with the most basic and make sure your devices will be able to make use of 1Password. Being someone who works more on the device side of things you can see where my train of thought lands. I'd head over to ⚙️ System requirements for 1Password and do a little sleuthing.

    Speaking personally, I am a huge proponent of account recovery (specific requirements are present). 🚑 Recover accounts for family or team members

    🚒 Get to know your Emergency Kit is a vital part of your account security.

    About 1Password membership

    Anyway, a few things to get you started. I hope you'll talk to my colleagues. If you'd like to email us, use

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