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Gifting 1Password to my mother in Ireland?

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I'd like to get my mom in Ireland the gift of a password manager... but I see US gift cards don't work outside the US and I don't see a way to buy EU gift cards. What's the best way to do this? Just set it up with her on the phone?

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  • BenBen

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    Hi @Tadzik

    We do offer gift cards for 1Password.com, and everyone is welcome to use 1Password.com. We do not offer gift cards for 1Password.eu.

    Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, have you considered establishing a 1Password Families membership and inviting your mom to use that with you? 1Password Families includes 1Password accounts for you and up to 4 additional family members. You can learn more about that option here:


    I hope that helps!


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