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We received credit from only 1 pre-existing account when my wife and I joined a FAMILY account. Why

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My wife and I each had INDIVIDUAL one password accounts. Today, we migrated to two newly re-subscribed accounts into a new, single, FAMILY account. The billing invoice appears to credit only one of the pre-existing accounts: Please review.

1Password Version: 8.9.4
Extension Version:
OS Version: MacOS 12.6
Browser:_ Firefox 105.0.3
Referrer: forum-search:Account credit when two INDIVIDUAL accounts form a FAMILY account


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    Hi there @robles101

    I'm sorry to hear you've had trouble with this. For any account- or billing-related queries, it's best if we help you by email for your privacy – drop us a line at [email protected] and our team can take a look into this for you. You'll get an auto-reply from BitBot containing a conversation number, which looks like [#ABC-12345-123]. Post that number here and I'll make sure your email lands in the right place. :)

    — Grey

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