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THE reason that I don't use the web browser in my Quest 2 is the lack of my password manager. I'd love to watch youtube or netflix in VR, but I just don't want to enter my passwords. Whilst neither the built in browser or Wolvic (formerly Firefox Reality) support extensions and thus no autofill, it would be nice to at least have an app that I can copy/paste from. LastPass has a native Quest 2 app.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Meta Quest 2
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • BrendanR1P
    edited October 2022

    Hi @tmakaro ,

    I have logged a feature request for this on our end.

    While I cannot guarantee if/when a native Quest 2 app can/will be introduced in the future, I've added you interest and reasons why such an app would be useful to the feature request.

    I hope this helps. 😀

    ref: IDEA-I-2105

  • DerLiterat
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    LastPass is available on the Quest 2 Store. Maybe time to switch...

  • Thanks for weighing in @DerLiterat. I've added your interest in this feature as well.

  • razyalov
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    +1 for this

  • ag_audrey
    edited February 2023

    Hey @razyalov, thanks for chiming in! I've let our product team know about your interest.

    ref: PB-30858259

  • hwfamacctmgr
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    +1 here as well. Would love to have a better UX in XR with 1P! Currently looking for a way to make my workflow easier in the browser and lack of password manager access is killing me :(

  • Noted your interest as well, thanks @hwfamacctmgr!

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