SCIM provisioning issue in Okta App assignments have errors

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We just finished the 1Password SCIM Bridge deployment and its integration under Okta.
Everything went well for the first parts (scim bridge, okta integration, enable API integration)
The issue came when I provisioned 1Password to all my Okta users. On the 1307 users account in Okta, I have 441 users in error with the app assignment of 1Password. For the record, we did some test first with an Okta & 1Password sandbox and I never had any issues.

Here is the infos I have regarding these errors :

  • On the Okta side :
    • Automatic provisioning of user user Name to app 1Password Business failed: Error while trying to push profile update for user email: Internal Server Error. Errors reported by remote server: failed to update user: Incorrect attribute version for item.
  • On the SCIM bridge side :

    • scim_1 | 9:47AM ERR failed to update user with IDP user error="Server: (failed to Users.ChangeLanguage), Validation: (461) (Incorrect Attribute Version), Incorrect attribute version for item." application=op-scim build=206022 component=SCIMServer idpUser=********* request_id=********** user=********** version=2.6.2

Apparently it’s an issue with Users.ChangeLanguage but I don’t understand why cause the only attribute push from Okta to 1Password are userName, givenName, familyName and email

Does someone has an idea of why and how I can fix it ?

Thanks for your time

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  • BadJu
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    Quick update : Apparently the issue is linked to the language the user setup himself in 1Password. If it's not in english the SCIM doesn't work.

  • Hi @BadJu ,

    I'm Hemal, a developer on the SCIM bridge. Thank you for writing in. Happy to help !

    You are absolutely correct that this issue arises from users who have set a non-default language for themselves in 1Password. One workaround to this issue is to try to repush/reprovision the user that is running into this issue. If that fails, the only other known workaround at this time is to have the user set their language back to the default language. However, I understand that this second workaround is not feasible. Developer team is aware of this issue and are actively working to have this behaviour fixed for one of the upcoming SCIM bridge releases.

    I am sorry about this frustrating error. We will let you know as soon as a fix becomes available.

    Anticipating your patience as we get this resolved.
    Thank you!

  • BadJu
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    Hi @hemal.g_1p,

    Already tried to repush the users and nothing changed.
    Can a call api from your side or mine could fixe the issue before the dev team fix this issue ?

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