Deauthorizing devices - still able to access vault afterwards

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I am still able to access my 1Password vault from iOS and iPadOS after de-authorizing iPhone (today) and iPad (week ago)

In the case of the iPad, I have done a password reset since de-authorizing - but I am still able to access the vault with the old password.

In the case of the iPhone, I had also just regenerated the Secret Key. When I entered my password, the SignIn window popped up - but I discovered that by clicking on Cancel, the re-authorization got bypassed - and my vault opened and I was able to navigate.

What makes this so disturbing is that I can no longer see activity from these devices on my Profile because 1Password is no longer tracking them - because they were deauthorized.

Basically, the deauthorization does not seem to work. And any subsequent changes made with Secret Key or Password do not register.

This is scary!!!!

1Password Version: 1Password8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS16, iPadOS16
Browser:_ Not Provided


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