Cached Copy ( Okta Deprovisioning )

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Hi team,

Is there a setting/process within 1Password deprovisioning that allows us to clear the cache of an end user and/or prohibit their ability to have 1Password creds stored locally? Unsure but assuming that once we suspend a user then they can possibly retain vault access as if they were offline or on an unmanaged device.

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  • Hi Quentin, my apologies for the late response. I'm Laz, a developer on the SCIM bridge. There is currently no way to remotely clear the cache of a deprovisioned user. I wouldn't worry about it, however. Once a user is deprovisioned, they will be unable to authenticate to retrieve any updated information about a vault from our servers. All that they would have cached is an old version of the vault- the same one they had when they were an active user.

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