How do I best convert a team member to a guest?

I accidentally added someone as a team member instead of a guest. Is there a way for me to convert them from a team member? Or do I need to suspend the team member user, then add them back again as a guest? Will them being in the system twice with the same email confuse things? Thanks!

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    Hello @martin1revelcpa,

    To increase security, guests and regular team members are quite different under-the-hood in 1Password, and guest users have technical limitations applied to them to ensure they cannot access resources they shouldn't have access to.

    To demote an existing team member to a guest

    1. Create a new vault in the account for them to use when they're a guest
    2. Make sure they copy any data they need from their Private vault in their account over to the newly created vault, as they will soon lose access to the Private vault and its contents
    3. Remove the team member from your account
    4. Re-invite them to join your account as a guest
    5. Once they're confirmed and active, grant them access to the vault you created for them previously

    I hope this information helps. Let me know how it goes.

    Thank you,

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