Prioritize favorites in Android auto fill suggestions?

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Hi all! One of my favorite features of the 1Password browser extensions is that they put favorited logins first in the list. Sadly, the Android auto-fill suggestions don't do that, nor do they render a star or other icon indicating favorites. That makes it less convenient to log into sites where I have multiple accounts.

Any chance of adding this on Android? Thanks in advance!

1Password Version: 8.9.3
Extension Version: -
OS Version: Android 13
Browser:_ Firefox, Chrome


  • Hi @snarfed ,

    We currently have an open feature request for this on our end. While we cannot guarantee if/when this functionality will be available in the 1Password 8 for Android app, I've added your interest in this to the feature request.

    I hope this helps. 😀

    -- Brendan

    ref: IDEA-I-1126

  • snarfed
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    Thanks @BrendanR1P!

  • On behalf of Brendan you are very welcome!

  • Netpog
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    Just chiming in to request this feature (suggesting favorites first). It's very useful, and my desktop usage has come to depend on it.

    For example, I have over a dozen Google logins. On desktop, the 2 or 3 that I regularly use are suggested first. On Android, I must swipe and swipe to find whatever I'm looking for.

    This is a fundamental inconsistency between 1Password on desktop versus Android. I suggest that having avoidable inconsistencies of behavior/features cross-platform is not good practice. It's at best annoying, and is often confusing or frustrating.

  • You raise a great point @Netpog, thanks for weighing in on this and sharing the example. I've included your feedback in the request.

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