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Prevent certain vaults from downloading on certain devices

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I use 1Password for personal items, and I’d like to start using it at work. I would prefer to keep my personal items off my work computer. Is it possible to prevent my personal items from downloading on my work computer?

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  • Hello @maerk! 👋

    The only way to prevent a vault from syncing to your devices would be to enable Travel Mode for a particular vault. This would prevent the vault from syncing to any of your devices and you would only be able to access the vault from Use Travel Mode to remove vaults from your devices when you travel

    However Travel Mode applies to all devices so that wouldn't help you if your goal was to selectively sync a vault only to some devices and not others. I agree that it would be useful to be able to selectively add or remove vaults from certain devices and I have added your feature request to our internal tracker so our developers can look at it as they are considering new features to add to future versions of 1Password.

    At the moment the only way to restrict a vault to only certain devices would be to create a separate "family member" account for yourself in a 1Password Families membership which would only contain that vault and then only add that account to selected devices. It's not an elegant workaround but I'm sharing it in case it helps.

    When it comes to work devices, I would suggest that your workplace reach out to our business team at to discuss what options are available there. 🙂


    ref: IDEA-I-308

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