Is it possible to sync users and groups using scim but not send out invite to users

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We are in the process of migrating from another password provider to 1password. I have setup SCIM with Azure AD. If I add a group to the enterprise app, this syncs across fine and invites all the users in that group.

However I would like to sync all the required groups and users to 1password, but not initially send out the invite to users. The reason for this is we have several passwords and shared vaults I need to import into 1password, and assign the correct user permissions/groups to these vaults. Doing this process before we invite users, would ensure users see these vaults the very first time they log in.


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  • Hi pg1, my apologies for the late response. I'm Laz, a developer on the SCIM bridge. There is currently no way to separate the process of provisioning a group and provisioning that group's users. Once a group has been added as a part of the integration, all of the users will be automatically provisioned (invited). If you would like a workaround, it is possible to manually create the groups in 1Password beforehand and set them up. If you make sure that the groups have the exact same name as the IdP groups, the bridge will detect them and sync them up.

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