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I recently stored a passphrase for encryption that is never supposed to change. If I store it as a password the "Create new password" function might overwrite the passphrase. I know that I can recover older passwords but it would be convenient to have a field named "read only password" or something similar. It could for example ask if I really want to change the password. Maybe this feature already exists?


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    Hi @oekdbzlq82,

    I'll be happy to share your helpful feature request with the rest of the team for consideration.

    At the moment, if you have the "Edit Items" or "Allow Editing" permissions for a vault in 1Password, you'll have the ability to overwrite an existing password with a few steps. There are some safeguards after clicking "Create a new password in the 1Password 8 app, however:

    1. You'll need to click the "use" button to confirm you wish to overwrite the password.
    2. From there, clicking "Save" is required to confirm the change. If you instead click "cancel", the original password will remain unchanged.
    3. Finally, if you accidentally save the change, you can restore the item to a previous version using item history.

    You could also add a custom "text" field instead, if the credential isn't too sensitive, though this will not be concealed and can still be changed by someone with the appropriate permissions.

    ref: IDEA-I-2195

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