Aufotfill Safari extension not working when logged in as family member (not family organizer)

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When I log into account as a family member (not as the family organizer) and then open up Safari to attempt to set up login for the family member, the Safari extension does not work -- the icon in the header bar shows the 1Password symbol with a lock on it. When on a website login page, there is a 1Password icon, but when I hover over there is a "use 1Password" item that appears, but it does not do anything. When I log out and back in as the family organizer, it works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension and the software, etc. No difference.

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.9.8 (80908009)
Extension Version: 2.4.1
OS Version: macOS BigSur 11.6
Browser:_ Safari
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    Hi @AutoFillFrustrated

    I can see you've emailed us about his issue as well, so I'll close this thread to avoid any duplicates. One of the team will reply to your email as soon as they can. :)

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