Import HTML or CSV as bookmarks or add a bookmark category

Import HTML or CSV as bookmarks or add a bookmark category.

I would like to raise a feature request ...
and I know some will say to use the built-in browser synchronisation, but that's exactly what I want to avoid.
I will explain below.

I use different types of browsers with different settings: WORK, HOME, SECURE and SANDBOX for example.

I want to be able to access and manage my bookmarks from all locations without the secure framework to be individualised.
I see 1password being able to do this as a bookmark manager could do. I dont want 1password to be a proper or extended bookmark manager at all, I just want it to host all information.

I want a secure and trusted location, not a public Google sync that links everything to my name.
Yes, I could use "login" as most websites require login anyway, but some don't because they are for information only. I've been using Chrome a lot, but my workspace has taken over my Chrome installation and dictates how I set it up and now I go to Brave, Firefox or others to get the best out of my setup but as mentioned they all sync bookmarks differently.

With 1password it would one application and also secured way of storage if we could implement a folder strategy and an additional category.

Let me know what you think ...

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