[Feature request] Add passkey enabled sites to Watchtower

I assume this is already on the list, but if not: I'd like to see Watchtower show me the sites I have accounts on that support Passkeys, but that I don't have Passkeys setup yet. Just like the 2FA check.

I'm excited about the prospect of Passkeys, but I have too many accounts to go looking! :)

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  • XIII
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    I’d love that!

    But is there a source they can use?

    (I haven’t found one)

  • Evenprimes
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    No idea if there's a single source, but they figured out what sites have 2FA.

  • chris55
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    This would be great. However I can’t foresee this happening until they release passkeys on 1Password. Which is “some point in 2023” 🙄

  • Hi all.

    Right now, there isn't a central list anywhere online of websites which use passkeys that we could use.

    We rely on https://2fa.directory/ to show websites that support two-factor authentication, and although we use it to recommend two-factor authentication-capable accounts in Watchtower, the list is maintained by the "2factorauth" group on GitHub: https://github.com/2factorauth

    There may well be other similar lists out there online, and there's unlikely to ever be a single source of truth for it, but this is the one that powers things with 1Password.

    Passkeys are still very new, and nowhere near as widespread as two-factor authentication, either as a sign-in method on websites, or as something that users are currently using to sign in. Even without such a list, the passkey experience as it stands today is very limited, so the risk of missing out on it (so to speak) is still quite small. We're aware that early adopters will be at the forefront of using passkeys wherever and whenever they can, but since passkeys aren't yet supported in 1Password, having a list of passkey-enabled websites might be a little premature at this stage.

    We're going to continue to be a leading voice in the development of passkeys, and in particular, their adoption by users. We're continuing to look at what we can do to help with that as things develop.

  • XIII
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    (Provided by 1Password!)

  • 😃


  • XIII
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    • Mastodon instances with recent software support Passkeys, for MFA only
    • Discourse forums support Passkeys, for MFA only (still hoping you migrate this community...)

    Submitted additions (but might have swapped the checkboxes for the kind of functionality for Mastodon).

  • @XIII

    Thank you for your contributions! 🙂


  • exp2pi
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    +1 for including the passkeys.directory data in Watchtower.

  • Ben
    edited June 2023

    Hey folks,

    This is coming in the next beta of our apps (due any time now).


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