Create new password from login page

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I’m still learning. I want to create a new password with these steps in this order, but I’m stuck at step 4.

  1. Go to a company webpage, e.g., In the beginning, I may not know anything else at all about the detailed URL for its actual login page.
  2. Navigate to that company’s login page, where I’ll find blank fields for the username and password I’ll want to use to log in.
  3. Populate those fields myself, with the username and password I’ll want 1P to save as the new password for this site.


  1. Tell 1P “save this info as the new password for this website.”

I know how to start at 1P, but sometimes I don’t know the full detailed URL for the site I want the password for until I’ve done steps 1-3.

How do I complete the “create new password” this way?


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