[Request feature] TLS/SSL Certificates item type

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I love being a 1Password member and would like to request a new item type as a feature request to have SSL/TLS certificates as an item type.

Already there are types that are quite central to businesses and technical users with Databases, API credentials, SSH keys and Servers (I use all types). As an owner of a few websites and a few locations that run various services. Maintain and keeping various certificates valid is an on-going task and plus the simple nature of getting a certificate from a CA like Let's Encrypt is easy but seems like I'll lose sight of something that I issued.

Item properties

  • CA certificate
  • Intermediate certificate
  • Certificate
  • Private Key

Additional benefits:

  • Easily copy any value of the item for updating a certificate in another used location.
  • Possibly options for exporting the certificate into formats like PFX
  • Filter and searchable certificate details like expiry date (maybe a property to determine a watchtower alert threshold).

Hope this can be a type, cause right now sticking to secure notes.

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac, Windows
Browser:_ Chrome, Edge

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