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I'm trying a families version and for myself, so far, I like it. It's time my wife and I try it for her. I need to be sure how we should do that.

We use a desktop running Win 10, and Firefox. I am the Win 10 admin and she is a limited user. We always sign on separately as ourself and we almost never ever share anything. For example, she would never want to use her password mgr to log onto anything while I am signed on the computer. She would only sign on as herself. Etc.

In this case: Do I sign on as myself, log into 1Password.com, and then invite her to set up her 1P acct and master password, etc., as herself while I'm signed on the desktop? That doesn't make sense to me, given how separately we both want our uses of the computer to be. It is unacceptable to us for her to have to sign on as me or to log into her 1Password vault while I'm the one signed on to Windows in order for her to access and use her passwords!

I installed the 1P***.exe "for all users" when I installed it. So should she sign in to Windows herself and then go to 1Password.com and start from there?

Please explain this in some detail. Please do not just refer me to the 1Password for Families help pages. I've read them and they don't seem to explicitly address exactly the scenario we use that I've tried to describe above.


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  • Hello @tomseeley it's good to hear from you! I'm happy to explain in a little more detail about how the Families account is best used.

    The person who first creates the 1Password Families account becomes, by default, the Family Organizer. That person then** invites other family members** to create their own 1Password account which will form part of this overall membership. This can be done directly from here.

    Each invited person gets an email from us on behalf of the Family Organizer, saying "so-and-so would like you to join (name of 1Password Families account)," and including a link and instructions.

    They'll choose their own Master Password and get assigned their own, randomly-generated Secret Key.

    After the invited user has entered their details, the Family Organizer will receive an email asking them to then activate them as a user on the membership. It's important to click the link in that email to activate their account.

    I would suggest sending us an email so that we can give you more detailed help and help make sure yourself and your wife get set up properly: [email protected]

    Thanks - Catherine 🙂

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