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I have added an excel file in Safe Note. Can I see the excel without download it?

Can I add an excel in another item that allows me to see a preview of the excel?

can I pass data from an excel in columns to an item that creates a user and password for me per row?

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: win10
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  • MrC
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    Documents and attachments stored in 1Password need to be downloaded in order to be viewed.

    You can create a CSV file from your Excel document; properly formatted, 1Password.com can create Logins, Credit Cards, and Secure Notes entries. See:


  • alopezmediaset
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    In Android i can see one picture save in item without download it. I see a preview.

  • Hi @alopezmediaset, thanks for your question. And thanks for the assist, @MrC, it's always appreciated!

    With 1Password for Android you can preview PDFs, saved photos and other attachments, including Excel files. After selecting Preview, the attached file will open in the corresponding file viewer on your device (Google Photos or Samsung Gallery for instance) but will not be saved without taking additional steps to do so.

    This works similarly for Excel files. They will typically open in Excel or Google Sheets in read only mode on your Android device. While previewing you may be able to make edits, but those changes would need to be saved in Excel, Sheets or to your device. Any changes made will not be reflected in the file saved in the 1Password item. You can copy information from the Excel file while previewing it and paste that in to a new item in 1Password but that process would not be automated.

    If you have a CSV file with information you'd like to save in 1Password, MrC's suggestion of importing on 1Password.com would likely be the best option.

    Thanks again!

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