Share Item UI for Masked Items is Opaque

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I really appreciate the ability to share items, but when I looked at the UI of the item shared, I was worried that my respondent would not find it easy to use.

In particular, the UI works like the 1Password app itself (great for me, bad for my respondent), and it shows the password field masked. As a 1Password user, I know to hover over the password area to find Copy, Reveal, and Show in Large Type. However, since my respondent is not a 1Password user, and is impatient, I am worried that they will not find the implicit controls for password, and think that I've not shared the password with them.

In contrast, my respondent used Privnote to send me a password, and the Privnote UI was straightforward. Even as a new user, I didn't have anxiety about being able to retrieve the password.

My suggestion: include an always-visible button or other control that says something like "Show Hidden Fields".

Optional but nice: you might consider the whole page, from the viewpoint of a non-1Password user (who you and I are both trying to impress).

Privnote has a straightforward flow of "what's going on, and how to proceed", which just reads effortlessly down the page:

  • Read and destroy? (clear summary of what's going to happen, and I'm in control)
  • You're about to read and destroy the note with id EveY4Siv.
  • Yes, show me the note (OK, I know what's going to happen, and I just click here)
  • No, not now

1Password is more implicit and more obtuse:

  • Someone shared an item with you on 1Password (so? what does that mean, why do I care?)
  • You can view this only 1 time. (Is that time now? In the future? Can I cancel and do this later?)
  • password ---------- Excellent (circle) (I can't see the password?)
  • The world's most-loved password manager
  • Try 1Password

I've included screenshots of both UIs.


Peter Kaminski

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OS Version: web, for viewing shared item
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