Support for adding ed25519-sk keys to 1Password.

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The current compatibility list allows to add only Ed25519 and RSA keys. Would it be possible to add ed25519-sk too? It would be great to have my stored-on-yubikeys keys in 1Password in a 'prettier' way than a secure note ;-)

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Linux 6.0.8
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hi @ftpd:

    Thanks for sharing! While I can't promise anything, I'll add your feedback to our internal tracker we have for this. 🙂


    ref: IDEA-I-899

  • ftpd
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    Thanks @Jack.P_1P. From now on, I will read the changelogs more thoroughly to check if it's added.

  • You're very welcome!


  • shadowxwarrior0
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    Hi @Jack.P_1P,

    I'm also looking forward to using ed25519-sk keys, especially with the ssh-agent integration that 1Password has.

    Is there an update that you can give on the status of this feature? Or maybe information on what might be blocking it?

  • morkash
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    Hi, any news here? We are also looking forward for this feature.

  • We'll make sure to follow up here in this thread as well when there are updates, but for now there's nothing new to mention around security key support for SSH keys in 1Password.

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