Passkey Demo Site: I get it!

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Thank you for the Passkey Demo site and video. I get it now! I understand why I should put Passkeys in 1Password instead of iCloud Keychain.


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    That's great to hear, @dem. Glad you enjoyed and learned from the demo materials. 😃 Thanks for sharing.


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    While I principally use Safari (& 1PW8x Sub.) for the web, I did install Chrome for the PK demo. After a couple of tries, I got the PassParcel login to work (difficulty getting the Username entry to go live, so the Continue would activate). ...Anyway, the Demo is so fast (good) that if one blinks, you miss the "fun." ...Passkey will be super when 1PWx Subscription rolls out with it (hopefully, supporting Safari).
    My question... Can a version of this Demo be provided showing how this technology works "underneath the hood," so to speak. Having used 1PW since its inception, has taught me to be very cautious with my passwords; and while I can "trust" this password-less technology; right now, I feel like it's a leap of faith.
    It might well be next to impossible to have such a visual version; if so, is there a white paper, specifically describing (beyond the general) the sequential steps involved with Passkeys?

    Thanks, and keep up all the great work.

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    As far as I know, Passkeys are “just another” (very convenient) WebAuthn implementation.

    If you read up on that, you’ll see that you can trust them, way more than passwords!

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    I found this video at Apple’s website:

    It enlightens with its details, but it’s designed for Apple developers & using Apple’s Password Keychain.

    I’m not a developer; so, some of the examples go deeper than I was seeking. And of course, the video is oriented toward Apple. (Not my intention here.) But the video did help with its in-depth discussion & examples.

    It would be great to see a 1PW version, for Users, showing how website transitions & implementations can be expected using 1PW @ websites currently being used with passwords.

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