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There's a browser called SigmaOS that is a fairly new browser and it's a WebKit based browser that uses Chrome extensions. I remember someone asking about the 1Password extension. More specifically they were expressing how it can be frustrating having to type in their password each time instead of using TouchID on the Mac. The Sigma team responded that they're waiting for 1Password to whitelist them or something close to that (I can't remember exactly). So I wanted to write here to see how I can help nudge the team to support that browser because I know a lot of other users find using 1Password in Sigma frustrating, myself included.

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.9.8 (80908009)
Extension Version: 2.1.4 (in Sigma)
OS Version: macOS 12.6
Browser:_ SigmaOS 1.0.0 (


  • Hey @MaximalMunch,

    Thank you for your feedback. I have added your vote to our internal feature request to add support for SigmasOS browser. Whilst I can't make any promises as to if or when this will be implemented, I have put forward your thoughts to our development team.

    Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

    ref: IDEA-I-2264

  • MaximalMunch
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    Thank you. Is this how it normally works? Or do the browser companies work that out with 1P?

  • Joy_1P
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    @MaximalMunch in most cases, our team has to review the browser to ensure that it is secure and then they can start the process of adding its code signature to the list of code signatures for browsers that we support. However, because of the review and the current development roadmap that has to be accomplished, this process can take a while.

    There are two things that I can tell you:

    1) Please leave as much feedback as possible -- in fact, get your friends to leave feedback too! We do report all feedback over to our developers. If there's more feedback, there will be more visibility for your request, and more visibility always helps.

    2) Our developers do want to add a feature that will allow 1Password to work and be supported in any browser. However, adding that will require big changes, and that takes some time to implement. Additionally, because of the work that our developers are putting into this potential feature, they might not be going through the old process of reviewing browsers and adding support for them one by one.

    I wish I had more insight to share, but there's not much more that I'm privy to. That said, I do hope these details are helpful.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Tazio
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    edited March 2023

    @steph.giles could you add me to that vote, i use it on a daily basis and a Integrated system would be perfect, at least a cleaner version because now i have to login every session via a popup which isn’t really preferred. I will contact the team at SigmaOS aswell and tell them about a possible integration.

    Sigma does have an extention for 1Password but like i said gives me the popup.

  • Hey @Tazio,

    I have added your vote, thank you for your feedback.

    ref: PB31936857

  • guentherwieser
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    Please add my vote, too. SigmaOS says it should work but it isn't (yet).

  • Hey @guentherwieser,

    Thank you, I have added your voice to the request.

    ref: PB32800848

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