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can i share user credentials without revealing password to my Virtual Assistant?

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I want to share userid/password to my social media accounts with my Virtual assistant. How can I share without revealing the password to VA? I was told Lastpass has this feature where VA will be able login without being able to read the password. Does 1password supports?

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  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Hello @gang! 👋

    If you're using 1Password Business with your virtual assistant then you can control whether your virtual assistant is able to view a password using the View and Copy Passwords permission. You can read more here:

    However, you should consider this feature to be a deterrent but not a guarantee that your virtual assistant won't be able to ever view the password. Our permissions only apply to the 1Password apps and not to other apps like the browser. If they use 1Password in the browser to fill the password into a website then they could use a tool like Chrome's Developer Tools to view the filled password on the webpage. You can read more about the limitations of this permission here: How vault permissions are enforced in 1Password accounts

    I believe that the same limitations will apply to other password manager's implementation of this "hide password" feature as well.

    If you're using an individual account or 1Password Families then, at the time of writing, the View and Copy Passwords permission is not available for those accounts.


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