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I am an Apple hardware/Chrome Software kinda guy.
So when passkeys were announced I was a bit scared, because I use Chrome normally for my passwords storing in the Google account. When I read about Google implementing passkeys, I only read things about storing passkeys in Google account on Android, but on Mac/phone it still uses the iCloud Keychain.
Eventually I found out about 1Password, where I can use passkeys cross-platform. So that I still can use passkeys on Chrome on Mac and then store the passkey in the password vault. The demo works great.
My question is:
Can I also use 1password in the future to login with a passkey from the password vault through
Chrome on iOS? (Because I know some things are only possible with the 1password iOS Safari extension) But I don't want to switch to safari on my iPhone


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    Hi @nijode999:

    I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed using our demo on using passkeys with 1Password, we can't wait to launch platform inter­operable passkeys in 1Password early next year in 1Password in your browsers and on your desktop. Mobile support for iOS and Android will follow, but rest assured that our team are working hard on exploring ways we can bring 1Password passkey support to other apps and browsers on your device.

    Since we're only early days on taking 1Password into a passwordless future, I'd recommend signing up for our passwordless newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest news about this.

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