Best strategy to move Family Account from .com to .eu

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Dear 1Password team,

I have an anually billed Family subscription and would like to migrate the account to I undestand that there's no way to directly transfer entire accounts over from one TLD to the other, so I will sign up for a new .eu account and manually transfer over all my vaults and items (and help my familiy members to do the same).

The next billing cycle for my current family account is Decemer 23rd this year. I was wondering whether there's any way I could circumvent the need to transfer the remaining credit from the old account to the new one in the first place. So just hypothetically, what about this plan:

  • A few days before the next billing cycle of the old account, I sign up for a new family account and make use of the 14 day free trial period.
  • I prevent the old account from automatically charging my credit card on December 23 and have the account expire instead.
  • I manually move over all vaults and items from the .com to the new .eu account and sign up for a new .eu subscription once the trial peroid has ended.
  • I delete my old account.

Would this strategy be a possible solution? Is expiring the old account possible, e.g. by deleting my credit card information? Or would that cause me to go into default somehow? Would an expired account cut me off from moving my items over to a new account?


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  • Hi @kaffeeundsalz If you have a 1Password membership and want to change region we have a guide here. As long as you migrate any data before any possible membership you may have now lapses, then that should work. In that case, you'd migrate your data over while in trial with a new membership, and like you mention - remove any payment method on a membership you want to lapse.

    Once done, be sure to delete the original account.

  • kaffeeundsalzkaffeeundsalz
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    Hi Catherine, thank you very much for your explanations. It's exactly what I think I need to make the transition go moothly. By the way, I already knew the guide, but it's good to get reassured that it also applies to my somewhat special case. Wishing you and the entire 1Password team a happy Christmas season!

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