Feature request(s): Integration with Windows Laps

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I'd like it if we could create a vault that contained all of our Windows devices local administrator accounts and passwords, and that these would be auto-filled with information retrieved from either Azure AD or ADDS: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/identity/laps/laps-overview

In the event we identify a device as being compromised, we'd also like the ability to remote reset the password using 1Password, and for the change to be propagated to AzureAD or ADDS.

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  • hi @rwillgo ,

    Thank you for writing in.
    That is an interesting suggestion we may consider.
    I would like to underline the behavior of Scim though, It can perform the changes (user/group management activities) to 1Password as requested from Identity provider. But reverse is not possible.

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