Adding a google group as a user

I want to be added to a users' 1PW vault but not with my personal email, rather with a google group email that my team uses so that anyone within our group can access the vault. Is this something that is possible?

For instance client X wants to share a certain set of passwords with me and allow me to add additional passwords to their vault ; however, i have other team members who would also need to access this shared vault. We are ultimately trying to keep the client from having to add multiple individual users to the shared vault.

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    Hello @kbthrash,

    Thanks for asking about sharing access to a vault in 1Password.

    Given the scenario you mentioned, the email address is only used to set up or recover the account, and would then have no bearing on your team members ability to sign in. For your team members to use the same account, you would have to share the account password, Secret Key, and other credentials with them. We don't advise doing this since it weakens the security of the account and it's data. Any team member could take an action on your behalf, and there would be no way to tell if you did it, or someone else did. Team members could even take recovery accounts on your behalf, if they had access to the email account after a recovery was requested.

    Depending on how much data your client wishes to share, it could make more sense for your team to add them as a guest or team member. This would allow your whole team to access the shared vaults, while still giving you a vault to collaborate with the client and strong access controls.

    You may find these guides to be helpful:

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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