1Password SCIM Bridge: Unable to delete group

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I want to remove a group from the list of synced groups in the 1Password SCIM Brigde configuration and getting the error message: "Unable to delete group. JSON.parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data". Looking in the logs of the scim-bridge process I see "ERR Failed to delete the group error="user is not allowed to manage group" application=op-scim build=206001 request_id=cduu0u9nfp8ebmaheg8g version=2.6.0". This started this morning. It was working fine previously.

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OS Version: kubernetes
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    Thanks for reaching out !
    Can you confirm you are maintaining an authenticated connection with your Scim bridge while you're performing this action?
    Also check user who performs this action is in Provision Manager Group.

    For us to get better understanding of what could be going wrong, please connect to our support at businesssupport@1password.com and include your full SCIM bridge logs: How to download 1Password SCIM Bridge logs


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