help someone tried to hack my phone, do I need to worry?

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someone was able to copy my email address and password, and I had been also using my 1 password account. I changed the password on email and it worked, it blocked them from getting in TG. BUT....can they get in my 1pass account too? I switched to face id immediately, upgraded to 8 too. No activity yet it seems but I"m nervous. What else can I do?

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  • Dave_1P
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    Hello @LindaLoo! 👋

    I'm sorry that someone was able to compromise your email account. It was the right decision to change the password for the email account, I further suggest that you reach out to your email account's support team so that they can verify that your account is safe. You should also reach out to Apple Support so that they can help you secure your iPhone:

    An attacker would need both your 1Password account password and Secret Key to log into your 1Password account and decrypt the data within it. And even if they did so, you'd have received an email letting you know that your 1Password account had been accessed from a new device, and you'd see that new device listed on your profile (in the top right corner) when logging into and accessing 1Password on the web.

    Once your iPhone is secure, I recommend that you contact our security team via email at [email protected] using the email address that is associated with your 1Password account so that they can help you ensure that your 1Password account is safe and secure.


  • LindaLoo
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    Thank you - if they need the secret key I’m confident they can’t get in. My phone is also ok since it is supported by different email than the one hacked. I’ll just need to watch things carefully for a while I guess to be sure.

  • @LindaLoo

    I'm happy to hear that everything appears to be in order. If you do have any other security concerns then please do reach out to the team at [email protected]


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