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Could you please improve word/phrase password generator, with ability to include a number, capital cases and a special character in it.
I've used BitWarden previously, and while still pretty limited, it's nice that it allowed to include a number and different special symbol (not just dash as a word separator) as well as capital letters. Most website require you to have at least one capital letter, one number and one special symbol in your password, so in the current state of the password generator, I have to manually go and add all those things in the generated password for it to be useable.

Something like this would be great - https://mdigi.tools/memorable-password/

Something like this one is overkill of course - https://xkpasswd.net/s/ and would be confusing for most users, but I personally wouldn't mind something very configurable.

Just look at what requirements most sites put on passwords.


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    Hey @grisevg

    You can already change the separators between words to Hyphens, Spaces, Periods, Commas, Underscores, Numbers, or Numbers and Symbols, in the 1Password password generator. Here's what that looks like in 1Password in the browser:


    The "Capitalize" toggle will also include uppercase words in the generated password.

    Substituting symbols into the words, as shown on the website you linked to, doesn't increase security in a meaningful way and actually makes things less memorable! ("Was that an S, or a dollar sign, or a 5?" etc.) Also, password cracking software routinely makes these substitutions automatically, even when performing a dictionary-based crack, so the payoff in memorability isn't usually worth it.

    Instead, you can use symbols as separators, which keeps the memorability of the words (and their spelling), but would also meet the requirements if a website needs your password to include them. Hope that helps! :)

    — Grey

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  • grisevggrisevg
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    @GreyM1P That's almost perfect! The only downsides are lack of option to include a number (a lot of websites do require at least one number in the password) and that it's not available in the web-app (web-app has a much more primitive password generator).

  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    @grisevg — You can choose "Numbers and Symbols" as the Separator, and that'll produce Memorable passwords like allergic2chapter9nonesuch-kick. Give that a try and see how you get on. :)

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