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I would love to be able to create a new login/item via quick access instead of opening the whole 1Password8 application. It would also be nice to be able to edit the items and generate passwords.

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  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

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    Hi @elliotmah,

    Thanks for your feedback, we have some open feature requests that cover what you've mentioned here so I'll add your voice to those!

    In case it helps in the meantime, you can set a custom keyboard shortcut to show/hide the 1Password 8 app:


    And pressing ⌘+N from the app will start the new item flow. Similarly, using the 1Password Browser Extension you can save items directly from websites when you're registering.

    I recognize it would be convenient to have these feature within Quick Access though so rest assured your feedback's been recorded. Thanks for letting us know this is important to you. 🙂

    ref: IDEA-I-610
    ref: IDEA-I-298
    ref: IDEA-I-786

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