can I build vaults in Shared

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I would like to have Vaults (or maybe it is categories) in Shared. What is the difference between a Vault and a Category?

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  • Hi @wkblair the difference between vaults and categories is:


    Items in 1Password come in different types, called Categories. The main one you'll use is Login – a username and a password for a website. Other categories include Credit Cards, Medical Records, Passports, Documents, and many others (including Identities, as above).

    There's a full list of all the categories and what they do here:

    1Password item categories


    A vault is where your items are stored, just like a physical vault. You can have more than one vault in your account. If you have an individual account, you'll have a Personal vault when you start using 1Password.

    If you're part of a family account, you'll have a Private vault that no-one else can access, and a Shared vault that everyone can access and change. If you're part of a team, you might have access to multiple vaults from day one.

    Create and share vaults

    Hope that helps. Thanks for reaching out. -- -- Catherine 🙂

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