Unable to clear a Date field that has a date picker UI (e.g. Identity > birth date)


The date picker UI has no ability to clear a date field, so it is impossible to unset a value.

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  • Joy_1P
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    Hey @MrC, it is possible to set a new value for such a field. Is there a reason why you prefer unsetting a value over selecting a new value? How often do you run into this?

  • MrC
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    Yes, of course a new value can be set, if one desires a value. But the issue is larger than just set "a new value". The issue is that all Date and Month/Year fields are unclearable in 1Password 8. This means to remedy a mistaken click, a user has to create a new record and copy / paste all fields in order to remove such a value. Once a value is set, there is no unsetting it. This is really bad UI.

    Obviously a single user won't run into this very often for their self-created single Identity record. But your question ignores the more salient point in that all fields should be clearable. 1Password seems to have learned this lesson with respect to unclearable menu types such as Credit Card types. But it seems to have just moved the problem elsewhere, amplifying it to all Date and Month/Year types.

    An identity has 25 fields, 3 sections titles, 1 record Title, and 1 Notes area. All but the birth date are clearable (oddly, if one clears the first section's title, Identification, it cannot be recovered). So 97% of the data fields are clearable (29 / 30 items). That's just one cateogry - all of these categories have unclearable date or month / year fields:

    api credential
    driver license
    medical record
    outdoor license

    The converter suite tries hard to map categeories and assign only valid values into certain data fields. But users have their own needs and expectations regarding category and field mapping, and mapping fields is often best-guess vs. perfect 1 to 1. And other password manager's labels are ambiguous so a date value placed in a field, and converted, may end up on an inappropriate 1Password 8 field (only the user can ultimately decide this). Users need to be able to clear a value that the converters set, in case they do not agree with or desire the mapping.

    This related thread also mentions the issue.

    Date types have been clearable in 1Password prior to version 8. And they should be clearable going forward.

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