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1P7 suddenly won't work. Forgot account password for 1P8. [#IME-99922-517]

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Dear 1Password-team,

I was a very satisfied user for many years and I intended to stay a loyal user paying for the subscription, even though I dislike such kind of models. But my last problem showed me that I am not in good hands.

Just a short summary of how my problems started:

  • 1P7 was installed and used frequently on my Mac and iPhone.
  • New advertisements for 1P8 appeared and I decided to test it and to subscribe
  • Downloaded the software firstly for iOS, installed it in parallel to 1P7 and created an 1Password.com account with a different login password
  • Unfortunately I forgot to password for 1password.com and it seems that I didn’t took care of the „Emergency kit“
  • 1 Week ago 1P7 started to make problems on my phone first. No FACE ID available and the Masterpassword didn’t work. Same on my Mac.
  • Installed 1P8 on my Mac and tried to guess the right password but no success
  • Started to contact the support

So we wrote around several days and the end conclusion was that I have either to guess my password for my 1Password.com account or that my account has to be „rebooted“ with the consequence of loosing all stored passwords. Positive side is that obviously nobody can get access to your passwords, negative side is that if you loose or forget your password…it is over!
Even though the people from the support where really responsive and nice, I was frustrated because I had the feeling that no one really deep dived into my problem. Even when I pointed out some ideas by myself. Maybe it is related to the fact that every single day a different person wrote me back. How’s even possible to concentrate on a problem of a paying customer if people are switching so fast?

So in the end I helped myself. After a quick research if found the folder with the backups that are luckily being created quite frequently and so I saved them, reinstalled 1P7 and used the backup instead of creating a new account.
You cannot imagine how happy I was when 1P7 accepted my Masterpassword:-D

I wanted to share this situation in case somebody else will experience something similar.

I don’t know whether this was some sort of miscommunication but thinking about the fact that after a few mails the result was that I will loose all my important information without thinking out of the box, I don’t think that I am in good hands. Please be aware of the fact that those aren’t just passwords, these are logins, crypto wallets phrases or whatever people are storing there. Nowadays this is a very serious thing from my point of view.
But anyway, based on this experience for me the long journey with 1Password is over.

Wish you all the best and thank you for the last years! :-)
Maybe someday I will come back.


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    Hello @Artyo! 👋

    I'm sorry that you ran into trouble after migrating to 1Password 8 and an account. I want to start by apologizing for the frustration. You're correct that, if you forget or lose your account password, there is nothing that 1Password Support can do to reset that password for you. Unlike other services, 1Password protects your data using encryption rather than just authentication and your account password is the secret that decrypts your data.

    I'm happy that you were able to find a workaround by restoring a Time Machine backup of your previous data in 1Password 7. Since you're already in conversation with the team over email I suggest continuing the discussion there and I've asked one of my colleagues to followup with you as soon as possible. To prevent having the same conversation in two different places I'm closing this thread.


    ref: IME-99922-517

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