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Any News On When Rearranging Fields (And Hopefully Sections, Too) Will Be Added Back?

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I recall reading that 1Password was working on bringing back the ability to rearrange fields within items, and I'm wondering if there's any updates?

I'd like to see this be implemented for "sections", too, because I definitely find myself wanting/needing to rearrange them, and doing that is a huge hassle. (I have to create a new section, then move all the fields of the other section down, one-by-one, and then if I'm swapping fields with yet another section, that complicates things even further.)

P.S. Would love to see this ability/feature pushed to all interfaces/1Password apps!

Thank you,
Happy 1Password fan!

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  • rshilliam1rshilliam1
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    I 100% agree with nimvo. It would also be great to be able to ADD sections and be able to drag existing fields (because I find later that I should've added a section for clarity and organization). I would also find it nice to be able to copy the Section header (current not able to copy that field even when editing).

    These are NOT gripes - just improvements that I would find helpful

    (Also a very happy 1Password fan!)

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Hey folks,

    @nimvio @rshilliam1

    Things are still moving along. 🙂


    We glad to have you with us. Hopefully, the wait will not be much longer.

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