Feature: copy the note form an item or introduce multiline elements

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I am looking for a way to copy a note. I happen to need to provide the same piece of informaiton here and there. I have it in one of elements in 1password and I can copy anything from there (names, addresses, URLs, one-line text, phone numbers, usernames and passwords) but I can't easily copy notes. So I thought, I can copy a 'text' element... but it is a single line text only.

Do you see a value in copy-note feature?
Or do you want to add multiline text elements?

Thanks for your support and for the great tool you provide!

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  • Hey there @lukaszku

    Although the text field in 1Password 8 starts off as a single line, it works with multiple lines, like this:


    Try pasting your note into a new text field and see how it works for you. I'll be here if you need any help. :)

    — Grey

  • lukaszku
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    Dear Grey,

    Thanks for your reply. It actually does work! I was trying my tricks in the browser plugin, that is why it did not work for me. Now I can see it works in the android app and in the linux app! Great!

    Thanks again!

  • @lukaszku – You're very welcome! We're always here if you need anything from us. :)

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