Windows Hello not available in Windows 11 rdp sessions

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I have a Windows 11 guest VM in a VMWare esxi standalone hypervisor. The 1Password desktop client installed in this guest doesn't recognize Windows Hello if I connect to this VM with rdp (the standard mstsc.exe rdp client provided by Windows 11). No Hello unlock, not traces of Windows Hello ever existing. A Hello PIN is actually configured and can be used to log in to this VM.

However, if I connect to the console of this VM and log in locally (from that VM's point of view), Windows Hello is available in 1Password settings, can be enabled, can be used, and works correctly.
The change of Hello availability is seamless. If I take over an rdp session from the console, Windows Hello support and functionality becomes available immediately, and if I take over the same console session with rdp, Windows Hello support vanishes immediately.

Due to this, I'm unable to use the 1Password ssh agent in this VM, for example.
If this is some 1Password restriction, I would be glad if I can use the Windows Hello functionality within rdp as well. However, if this is a Windows system restriction, we're out of luck, I guess.

1Password Version: 1Password for Windows 8.9.10 (80910037)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser:_ Not Provided

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