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Feedback from a 1P v7 to v8

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This is post that is not really meant as question feedback only but more to detail the issues encoured when moving from 1Pasword 7 to 1Password 8. I had advised friends and family members to use 1Password, some of them reached out to me who had encoured similar issue.
I hope this will lead to and update of the 'how-to' knowledgebase articles. I won't lie, this has been very time consuming and keeps one remaining uncertain regarding possible data lost which will only be noticed at a later stage.

A) Originally running 1Password 7 on macOS (latest v.7.9.6)

  • standalone vault
  • individual license

B) Offer displayed in the corner left on macOS for a 50% rebate

  • clicking on it required me to create a new password. Wasn't sure why. Operation canceled.
  • {Solution} After contacting support, it seems that one cannot turn his/her individual license account into a subscription one. A new account must be created. Then data migrated*

… in the meatime:

C) Preparing migration

D) Creating a new account - see B)

  • I click on the offer button in the macOS app, create a new account. Both account are now visible in the macOS appliaction
  • Turns out there is no way to select the 1Passwords’ ‘.eu’ domain. Clicking the offer means you are forced on the ‘.com’ domain

E) Migration - not so fast

  • Now data is in the cloud of my standalone account, I thought I can migrate everything to the subscription account. Not really...
  • Contacted support: there is no such tool. One must copy/move data via the macOS app while logged-in in both accounts
  • ‘Not good’ is the first thought: How can one be sure that data has been synced witthout fault i.e. mirrored in its entirety?
  • I proceed to move data as per the knowledgebase -

  • Error 1: “The following itmes were not moved to the vault’ - {a very long list of items} ‘Items with files can’t be move from an account on one server to another”

  • 20% of my 1Password entries have documents attached.

  • Error 2: Archived entries are not being transfered

  • {Solution} Lucky me I tagged ‘to be archived’ relevant entries allowing for (i) restoring, (ii) copying / moving to new vault, (iii) re-archive

F) Miscellaneous
I tried the export function: once data was in the cloud this keept failing (i.e. window remains opens for hours, nothing happens)

Feedback / Questions / Lessons

  • Backup your standalone vault before moving to the cloud. That seems to be the most reliable form of backup;
  • I wish there was a tool that validates or verifies the data migration from one account to another. It is impossible in my case to manually verify almost 2000 entries;
  • If you have a standalone vault, DO NOT migrate data to the cloud without first making sure that you have a subscription account;
  • The knowledgebase should clarify if one updates to 1password 8 first and then migrate taking into consideration if the clien has a standalone license account or a membership license account;
  • Why can't a standalone accounts be transfored into a subscription ones?
  • Why can't entries with attachements be moved from one account/vault to another?
  • How can entries with attachement actually be transfered besides doing so manually

Thank you for reading it all and taking this input into consideration

1Password Version: v.7.9.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 13.0
Browser:_ Not Provided


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