Any issue importing PUX file back into 1password

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I was told by a support agent that to fix 1Password always asking for master password in safari extension on iphone, I should delete 1Password and reinstall. He was careful to say I should make sure I have access to my stuff. I can access my vault from my windows desktop, but being a nervous nellie, I was also going to export my data to my windows computer. Would I be able to import that back into 1Password in case anything goes wrong? Thanks

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  • Hello @George47,

    Thanks for your message. Exporting/importing is not intended for backing up your data. We take care of the back up for you on (or The best source of a backup is your Emergency Kit as it contains your credentials to sign into your 1Password account. As long as you can access your data on, and once 1Password is reinstalled on your iOS device, signing into your account anew, will cause your data to reappear on that device.

    If you would prefer to export your data anyways, you can follow this guide: How export data from 1Password

    Then, importing can be done by clicking () at the top of the sidebar and selecting Import. Please note that when importing data that already exists, you run the risk of duplicating that data.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know and we'd be happy to help!

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  • You're most welcome, @George47!

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