Just upgraded - Now have 2 vaults - what to do?

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I just upgraded from 7 to 8. I went through all the steps (I think). Now when I open 8 on my iPhone and Windows 10 PC I see two vaults - one is called Personal and on is called 1PasswordOLD (the name of my standalone vault in v7). There is nothing to tell me how many items are in each vault so I can compare what's in both (or at least I can't find where the number of items in each vaults is listed). How can I tell? Is there a compare vaults tool (like a duplicate photo tool) somewhere?

I have no idea what to do with these two vaults. It's all pretty confusing to this v8 newbie. Is there a way to back up whatever is the correct vault to my PC or iCloud account?

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: none
OS Version: Windows 10 & iOS 16
Browser:_ N/A


  • @Gator5000e

    It may be easier to email us so we'll have a direct line of communication open. We can then work with you to resolve the trouble. To get you started Personal is the name of the vault that all memberships have. It sounds as if the other one was created for you by the app. My colleagues can help get you sorted and work with you to answer all of your questions.

    There is not a duplicate remover. If you're using 1Password 8 use the sort option section to see item counts.

    Backups are kept on 1Password.com. 1Password backups

  • Hello @Gator5000e I hope you don't mind me chiming in here! As you mention standalone vaults and a possible new membership, I'd definitely recommend emailing us at support@1password.com so that any issues are caught sooner rather than later. We're only too happy to help. If you have upgraded to a membership from standalone this help guide will also be of use. I'll look out for your email. - Catherine.

  • Gator5000e
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    Already done, Catherine, so thanks. There really isn't a good answer to this issue it appears. I can delete the old vault from v7 and hope and pray nothing happens to the new vault you guys hold. I think the better option would be to have a hide or archive option for old vaults so you don't have to full out delete them. For the time being, I will keep the two as I have had my own vaults for so long it's hard to give it up completely.

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