When adding a new login, Tags are not autocompleted


When adding a new login using the browser extension, 1Password doesn't offer autocompleting for Tags. When I add or edit an item using the Mac app, it offers autocomplete suggestions as soon as I type one letter. The browser extension should do the same.

1Password Version: 7.9.6
Extension Version: 2.5.0
OS Version: macOS 12.6.1
Browser:_ Firefox


  • Hey @dserodio,

    You're right, we have an open feature request to suggesting existing tags when creating an item using 1Password in your browser. I have added your voice to this.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    ref: IDEA-I-1717

  • lighght
    Community Member

    Is there a way for us to +1 feature requests like this? I came here looking for it and would like to vote it up and be notified of status updates if possible. Thanks!

  • Hey @lighght,

    I have added your vote to the internal request, thank you for your feedback!

    ref: PB-29912234

  • SeaMonster
    Community Member

    Me too. Please add my vote. Glad I found this thread. I was coming here today just to report this.

  • Hey @SeaMonster,

    Thank you, I have passed on your feedback.

    ref: PB32875412

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