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Can I use 1password V8 personal license for work?

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I know that there are separate licenses for personal/family and business.
But the company didn't use any password manager, so they didn't buy a business license too.

In this case, is there any problem if I personally purchase a personal license and install it on the company computer?
I would like to use 1Password 8 at work on my company computer.

If I get a personal license account, is it against your Terms of Service for me to use it on my company computer for my use?

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  • Hey there @LeoK

    Yes, you can use an individual 1Password account for whatever purpose you like! When it comes to Business or Teams accounts, those are accounts with extra features for admins, rather than "allowing" you to use them at work. Hope that helps! :)

    — Grey

  • I second @sitepodmatt's caution, most of the companies that I've worked at have had strict IT policies that governed which password managers (and apps in general) were allowed to be used. Check in with your IT team before installing new apps on your work device.

    @LeoK If possible, I would also recommend that you suggest that your workplace reach out to our business sales team at to explore what options are available for the company as a whole. 🙂


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