Laptop used for 1password 7 WLAN sync died, how to sync iOS devices now?

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I had an old MacBook Air that I used to sync all of my 1Password 7 devices, now that laptop seems to have died. How can I sync my devices now?

I’m fine upgrading to 1password 8, I just don’t want to loose any data as there is a divergence now between my iPhone and iPad 1password 7 vaults.


  • danco
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    If you go to 1PW8 you will have to subscribe. An old 1PW7 may be, and probably is in your case, licenced. You can change to a subscription, and I believe there are good pricing reductions for doing so.

    Once you have moved over to a subscription, syncing is automatic. However, it does mean that passwords are stored in the cloud (though always available locally) which some people find unacceptable.

  • Hi there @okdale

    If you can send us an email to [email protected] (including your license file for 1Password 7, if you can find it) we'll be able to help you upgrade to a 1Password membership so that you can sync your data. The team will be able to answer any of your questions you may have about moving to a 1Password membership, so please do ask in your email (or here). Hope we hear from you soon. :)

    — Grey

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