Any time I use ⌘\ to fill autofill a password on a website and have to unlock 1Password, instead of autofilling, it shows the little box that normally only shows if you have multiple passwords for that domain, except it's empty. The only way to get rid of it and have things work again is by using the mouse to click on the browser again, then re-press ⌘\ and it will autofill the second time (or bring up the dialog with a list of logins to choose from).

It is SUPER annoying. Thinking about it, I assume what is happening is that when I press ⌘\ it calls 1Password, discovers it needs to be unlocked, so instead of Autofilling brings up 1Password, which I unlock, but then the last active app was 1Password itself so it doesn't know what to autofill and just shows an empty dialog. If it can continue on to Autofill after providing the password

1Password Version: 8.9.11
Extension Version: None
OS Version: 12.6.1 & 13.1
Browser:_ All (Safari, DuckDuckGo, Firefox, Opera)


  • ACSpooky
    Community Member

    Sorry - accidental submission. Basically, it's a hassle that I have to click on the browser window again or hit ESC to dismiss the dialog and then hit ⌘\ again to autofill one more time. I'd rather it just drop back to the browser - which would be the active window on the screen if the autofill dialog wasn't sitting there uselessly. I love the Universal Autofill, but this particular behavior is maddening.

    You can see in this gif that if 1Password is unlocked it works as designed.

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