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Since a few days my desktop app only opens in fullscreen size without any possibility to resize the window, I can only minimize it to tray.
Icon-wise it looks like I should be able to maximize the window (even if it is already maximized), but this icon has no function.

Asked one of my co-workers and he has the same problem (Win11 22H2). We are using a teams account, if that is important.

1Password Version: 80910043
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win10 22H2
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hello @kerobra,

    Sorry to hear your having issues with resizing the screen.

    If you are using a PC, try pressing F11 to exit the full screen mode, if using a laptop try pressing Fn + F11 to exit full screen mode.

    Give that a try and let me know how you get on. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • kerobra
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    Hi Jermaine,

    sorry if that was a bit unspecific, it does not open in full screen (F11), my taskbar is still visible.
    Only the window itself is stretched to the full (remaining) screen when I open 1password.

    I now dashed the "maximize" icon a few times and now it switches back and forth between "maximized" and "resizable" again.
    No idea where that came from. I will test it again on my work laptop to verify.

  • DenalB
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    edited December 2022

    Hi @kerobra !

    I'm also using the German version of 1Password on Windows 11 Pro 22H2 and don't have this issue. 1Password opens in a window.
    But I'm using beta build 1Password for Windows 8.9.11 (80911001). Maybe you could give it a try, too?

  • Hello @Kerobra,

    Thanks for getting back to us. I'm glad to hear things are now working as expected after using the maximize icon.

    I've tested on a few different release channels, and as @DenalB mentioned, I've also been unable to reproduce this. Should these troubles return, reboot your device and test again. Then, if you are able provide a list of steps to replicate this behaviour, let us know and we'd happy to investigate further. Thanks!

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